February 11, 2019--It was a project nearly one year in the making.

Early in the spring of 2018, Jonesboro Unlimited started working on a video to tell the world what our city has to offer.  The two-and-a-half-minute-long video, entitled Jonesboro: Now You Know, is designed to create community pride and be a recruiting tool for Jonesboro employers to help bring in highly skilled workers.

“We know we have a special community here in Jonesboro. We feel this video highlights the heart and soul of our community. When someone asks the question ‘what’s Jonesboro like?’ we want our local employers and business to show them this.  That’s our goal,” said Mark Young.

The video premiered at the Jonesboro Unlimited Annual Meeting on February 7. It was simultaneously launched on YouTube, Facebook, and Linkedin the same day.  Within three days of the launch, the video had racked up over 30,000 views and 600 shares across the three platforms.

The video was produced entirely in Jonesboro.  It was written by Jonesboro Unlimited’s Director of Communications, Craig Rickert, and produced by Workhorse Creative Productions of Jonesboro.  The original music for the video was composed and arranged by Dr. Tim Crist of the Arkansas State University Department of Music.  You can find the video on YouTube, the Jonesboro Unlimited Facebook page, Linkedin, and at Jonesborounlimited.com.

Jonesboro: Now You Know