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Located on Crowley's Ridge, Jonesboro is the regional hub of Northeast Arkansas for business, entertainment and healthcare. It features a thriving downtown entertainment sector near the Arkansas State University campus. Surrounded by rich delta farmland, the landscape ranges from farmland to rolling hills. Jonesboro is filled with lively restaurants, colorful shops and thriving businesses. Whether it's city parks, organized sports programs, art, or enjoying outdoors, Jonesboro has something for everyone to enjoy. 

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Local Highlights


"Jonesboro is a great city to live, work and play in. Family friendly community and lots to do!"

Ryan Miller

"I had never been to Jonesboro and it was more than I ever anticipated it to be."

Dr. Brook Laurent

"Jonesboro is a very vibrant community with a lot of growth. It's a big enough city where you have anything you could want!"

Ben Moyer

"I guarantee you can probably find it in Jonesboro."

Jackson and Lindsey Spencer
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Mark Young - President & CEO
Mark Young
President & CEO
Steven Lamm
Steven Lamm
V.P. of Economic Development
Shelle Randall - Director of Workforce Development & Existing Industry
Shelle Randall
Director of Workforce Development & Existing Industry
Donna Holt - Executive Assistant
Donna Holt
Executive Assistant
Craig Rickert
Craig Rickert
Director of Communications