The Jonesboro region has a strong pro-business environment for business and we partner with all industries to help ensure their success and growth.  Our key industries, shown below, have a substantial presence in our region:

Advanced Manufacturing

Key Industry of Advanced Manufacturing

Jonesboro has always included a rich history in manufacturing.  Led by the food processing sector, our low-cost electricity, ample utility capacity, and great workforce provide durability and a solid foundation for this industry’s advancement.



Employing over 7,500 workers in the metropolitan area, Jonesboro’s healthcare industry is a key component to the excellent quality of life our residents enjoy.   The opening of the New York Institute of Technology’s College of Osteopathic Medicine at Arkansas State University adds another layer of excellence to this growing sector. 

Professional Services

Key Industry of Professional Services

Jonesboro’s professional sector benefits by being home to Arkansas State University, who graduates talent in Engineering, Accounting, and Information Technology.  These dynamic graduates help meet the demand across all key industries.


Key Industry of Logistics

As a burgeoning sector of our economy, Jonesboro is a natural fit for the logistics industry.  Centrally located in the United States, on Interstate 555, we are within an hour’s drive to Memphis.  Our continued growth in manufacturing and agriculture production leads to an increased demand for crucial logistics services.


Key Industry of Agribusiness

Agri-Business is our heritage, it’s who we are...from significant farm production, established academic and cutting-edge research programs from Arkansas State University, to solid support from the community.   Agri-business is a prominent sector of our economy and it has a global impact in the services it provides.