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Momentum Jonesboro is an aggressive, new approach to economic development in Jonesboro. It heightens and builds on the rich tradition of progress Jonesboro Unlimited has had for many years. Momentum Jonesboro will create jobs, provide skilled talent, and enhance our community’s quality of life. This plan is needed in order to remain competitive in today’s global recruitment and expansion efforts. It provides a strategic five-year vision for success.

Strategic Plan

In 2015, Avalanche Consulting was commissioned by Jonesboro Unlimited to develop a vision and strategic plan for Jonesboro’s future approach to economic development.


To be an exceptional community with a robust economy, strong job opportunities, increasing per capita income, and a wealth of educational, healthcare, and lifestyle amenities that further the prosperity of our residents.


As the plan emerged, three key strategic goals were identified:  Invest in our Product, Tell our Story, and Organize for Action.  These goals work together to create, attract, and retain new higher paying jobs for Jonesboro residents.  They are focused on economic development in specific target industries that will accelerate growth in higher paying sectors.


Five target industries were selected for Jonesboro, based on local and national trends, Jonesboro’s competitive assets, and our community vision:  Agribusiness, Healthcare, Logistics, Manufacturing, and Professional Services.

The Executive Summary of the strategic plan will give you a detailed look at our vision for the future.


Community leaders talk about the Momentum Jonesboro campaign, Jonesboro Unlimited, and Economic Development.


Robert Jones, President, Jonesboro Economic Development Corporation

and Partner, Waddell, Cole & Jones, PLLC


Ritter Arnold, President, E. Ritter & Company


Chris Conroy, VP & General Manager, KAIT8, Jonesboro, Arkansas



Implementing the Strategic Plan will require a host of volunteers with a passion for Jonesboro’s future development. Five taskforces were established to carry out the vision outlined in the strategic plan.

Quality of Life Taskforce
T.J. Thompson, Chair
Shelle Randall, Staff Liaison

Talent Taskforce
Mark Mayfield, Chair
Shelle Randall, Staff Liaison

Craig Rickert, Staff Liaison

Kevan Inboden, Chair
Mark Young, Staff Liaison

Investment & Staffing
Brad Edwards, Chair
Mark Young, Staff Liaison



Momentum Jonesboro’s success will be measured by the following metrics:

  • 5,147 total new jobs from 2017-2021

  • 2,500 new direct jobs from 2017-2021 (60% from target industries)

How to Participate

We welcome your involvement in Jonesboro’s future! If you are interested in learning more about the program and becoming an investor in Momentum Jonesboro, please contact Donna Holt, with Jonesboro Unlimited, at 870-336-9064 or

Momentum Jonesboro is managed in a fiscally responsible manner to stay accountable to our investors and to keep you informed of the program’s activities and outcomes. Program updates will be communicated to investors through electronic messaging, regular briefings, and through Momentum Jonesboro is conducted in partnership with Jonesboro Unlimited, a tax-exempt organization under section 501 (c) (4) of the IRS code. Investments in Momentum Jonesboro may be deductible as business expenses. Please contact your tax advisor for deductibility of your investment.

Contact Our Team
Mark Young - President & CEO
Mark Young
President & CEO
Steven Lamm
Steven Lamm
V.P. of Economic Development
Shelle Randall - Director of Workforce Development & Existing Industry
Shelle Randall
Director of Workforce Development & Existing Industry
Donna Holt - Executive Assistant
Donna Holt
Executive Assistant
Craig Rickert
Craig Rickert
Director of Communications