April 2, 2018. Jonesboro, AR-- For more than a decade there has been a push to build a walking and biking trail in and around the City of Jonesboro.  The belief is the creation of a biking and walking trail will add quality of life opportunities for the city and make for a healthier population.  Recently, that idea has gained new ground.

In February 2018,  plans and drawings of the project  were made public.  

The overall plan calls for a beltway to surround the city with several corridors branching off the beltway into the city. One of the first phases would connect downtown Jonesboro with Arkansas State University with the Downtown Hub and A-State Arts Corridor.  At a recent Turning Point discussion, presented by Jonesboro Unlimited, A-State Chancellor, Dr. Kelly Damphousse reiterated his support of the project.

"I think that particular part of the plan will be an incredible attribute. It will look really interesting.  I will be a signature feature in Jonesboro," Damphousse said.

Projected costs and a timeline are not yet available. 

To hear more from Chancellor Damphousse on quality of life opportunities in Jonesboro, you can visit the Jonesboro Unlimited Facebook page. 

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