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Real Estate

Jonesboro’s low cost of living is a refreshing change for newcomers to the area.  With an average home price of $198,774, you will find that your hard-earned money goes much further in Jonesboro.  This means you can get more home for your money.

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Cost Of Living Calculator

Cost of Living

Living expenses such as: groceries, utilities, transportation, and healthcare all consistently rank lower than the national average in Jonesboro.  To learn more you can visit


Jonesboro City, Water & Light offers some of the lowest rates in the country and have not had an electric rate increase since 1984. To see some specific costs of hooking up your home with utilities,

click here


Craighead Electric




CenterPoint Gas


Ritter Communications
RightFiber by Ritter


Commuting in Jonesboro is a breeze. With Interstate 555 and major State and US Highways at all corners of the city, your drive is always smooth. Sure, you'll get behind the occasional slow-poke, but the average commute in Jonesboro is less than 18 minutes.  That means you won't be living in your car!


Jonesboro's diverse economy provides for job opportunities at every level.  Whether you are seeking some part-time work or looking at launching a new career, Jonesboro has the businesses and industries to make that happen.  For a look at local job availabilities check out



Young Professionals

The Jonesboro Young Professionals Network (JYPN) is for professionals age 21-39 employed by members of the Jonesboro Chamber of Commerce. 


Safe and Welcoming, Jonesboro is a perfect place to raise a family. Our award-winning schools make Jonesboro a place where you and your children can thrive.

Empty Nesters

Now, it's your time! From fishing to teeing it up, Jonesboro has plenty of activities to fill your days now that you aren't punching the clock.


"Jonesboro is a great city to live, work and play in. Family friendly community and lots to do!"

Ryan Miller

"I had never been to Jonesboro and it was more than I ever anticipated it to be."

Dr. Brook Laurent

"Jonesboro is a very vibrant community with a lot of growth. It's a big enough city where you have anything you could want!"

Ben Moyer

"I guarantee you can probably find it in Jonesboro."

Jackson and Lindsey Spencer
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Mark Young - President & CEO
Mark Young
President & CEO
Steven Lamm - V.P. of Economic Development
Steven Lamm
V.P. of Economic Development
Donna Holt - Executive Assistant
Donna Holt
Executive Assistant
Shelle Randall - Director of Workforce Development & Existing Industry
Shelle Randall
Director of Workforce Development & Existing Industry
Bethania Baray-Harrison - Director of Talent Attraction
Bethania Baray-Harrison
Director of Talent Attraction
Brandon Carter - Director of Communications
Brandon Carter
Director of Communications