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Major Service Employers with 200 or More Employees

Company Services Total Employment Level
St. Bernards Healthcare Healthcare 3,616
Arkansas State University Education 2,811
NEA Baptist Health System Healthcare 2,047
Wal-Mart Super Centers (6) Retail 1,300
Jonesboro Public Schools** Education 829
City of Jonesboro Government 550
Nettleton Public Schools Education 550
Ritter Communications Telecommunication 400
Valley View Public Schools** Education 326
Brookland Public Schools** Education 302
Craighead County Government 293
Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital Healthcare 268
Westside Consolidated Schools** Education 259
Jonesboro Human Development Center Healthcare 250
Focus, Inc. Education Services 215
Harrisburg Public Schools** Education


Tiger Correctional Services Commisary Services 200
Source: Jonesboro Unlimited, March 2022
**Public school numbers reflect contracted and certified employees

Major Manufacturing Announcements

Year Company Services Total Employment Level
2001 Nestlé Prepared Foods Company Frozen Entrees 785
2006 Unilever (formerly Alberto Culver) Personal Hair Care Products 460
2008 Nice-Pak Products, Inc. Pre-Moistened Wipes 300
2014 Anchor Packaging Plastic Containers 130
2014 TeleTech Holdings, Inc. Customer Care Center 400
2014 TrinityRail Maintenance Servies, Inc. Rail Car Maintenance 193
2016 FMH Conveyor Systems Conveyors 193
2017 Risever, Inc. Steel Fabrication 130 (Announced)
2019 Delta Peanut Peanut Shelling and Production 130 (Announced)
Source: Jonesboro Unlimited, 2022

Existing Production and/or Distribution Industries with 50 or More Employees

Company Product Total Employment Level
ABB Group Electrical Fittings 327
Apex Tool Group Utility Construction Site Tool Boxes and Fuel Tanks 142
Arkansas Glass Container Corporation Glass Containers 250
Best Manufacturing Laser Cutting, Production Metal Fabrication, Painting, Powder Coating 85
Butterball LLC Chicken & Turkey Deli Breast Products 291
Camfil APC Air Filtration Systems 282
Colson Caster Corporation Casters 120
Colson Monette Wheels 60
Crane Composites Fiberglass Panels 110
CUSI Utility Billing, Accounting and Asset Management Software for Utilities and Local Gov. 75
Delta Peanut Peanut Shelling 110
Ditta Door and Hardware, Inc. Doors, Frames, Specialty Products 50
engines, inc. Diesel Irrigation Power Units, Generator Sets, Re-Power, OEM, Marine Engines 72
FMH Conveyors Conveyor Company 365
Frito-Lay, Inc. Salty Snacks 923
Great Dane Trailers Dry Van Trailers 430
Hytrol Conveyor Company Conveyors 1,335
J.K. North America Tanning Bed Distribution 62
Jonesboro Tool and Die Tool, Die, and Machine Shop 70
Nestle Prepared Foods Company Frozen Entrees 830
Nice-Pak Products, Inc. Pre-Moistened Wipes 675
OPTUS, Inc. Voice, Video and Data Communication Solutions 94
Post Foods LLC Breakfast Cereal 205
Riceland Foods, Inc. Rice, Rice Flour and Rice By-Products 398
Ryder Refrigerated Warehouse 54
Scurlock Industries of Jonesboro Concrete Pipe, Precase Products 60
SMA Farm Equipment Distribution 198
Spirit Fitness Products Treadmills, Ellipticals, Stationary Bikes 50
Tech Friends Software Development 81
Trinity Rail Maintenance Rail Car Maintenance 208
Unilever Beauty Care Products 400
Windmill Rice Company LLC Milled Rice, Rice Bran, Ground Rice Hulls 75
Source: Jonesboro Unlimited Guide To Industry, March 2022

Major Manufacturing Expansions (40 or more jobs added)

Year Established Company Products Number of Additional Jobs Added
2013 Great Dane Trailers Tractor Trailers 50
2014 Hytrol Conveyor Company Conveyors 100
2014 Anchor Packaging Plastic & Food Containers 50
2014 Great Dane Trailers Tractor Trailers 50
2014 Tele Tech Holdings, Inc. Customer Care Center 375
2015 Hytrol Conveyor Company Conveyors 75
2015 Great Dane Trailers Tractor Trailers 50
2016 Hytrol Conveyor Company Conveyors 170
2017 Hytrol Conveyor Company Conveyors 139
2017 Frito-Lay, Inc. Salty Snacks 150
2017 FMH Conveyors Conveyors 200
2020 Nestlé Prepared Foods Company Frozen Entrees


2020  Nice-Pak Pre-Moistened Wipes 300
2021 Spirit Fitness Exercise Equipment 40
Source: Jonesboro Regional Chamber of Commerce, Annual Inventory of New & Expanded Industries
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