Jonesboro Ranked Tops In Economic Strength

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Jonesboro Ranked Number one in economic strength

A recent report shows Jonesboro is a top city for business, with one report ranking Jonesboro’s economic strength as the best in the south.

Area Development magazine recently released its list of 2018 Leading Metro Locations. The report looked at 394 metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) and ranked them based on “Prime Workforce,” “Economic Strength,” “Year-Over-Year Growth,” and “Five-Year Economic Growth.”

In the report’s two top categories, Overall Rank and Economic Strength, Jonesboro was right at the top of the list.

Across all five categories, Jonesboro scored in the top ten among the small metros in the south.

#1 Economic Strength
#4 Midterm Growth, (5 years)
#2 Overall Rank
#6 Prime Workforce
#6 Year-to-year Growth

When you take a broader look at the numbers, Jonesboro continues to impress.

Of the 84 metro areas of the south and southwest, Area Development Magazine rates Jonesboro #1 for “Economic Strength” in its “2018 Leading Metro Locations” study.  Jonesboro’s ranking puts it ahead of Dallas, Phoenix, Nashville, Austin, Fayetteville, Little Rock, and 77 other metro areas.  “Economic Strength” is based on factors including gross metro product, employment change, population change, unemployment change, and other data.  Area Development magazine is considered the leading executive magazine covering corporate site selection and relocation.

Data Used for “Economic Strength."

Per capita real GMP (gross metro product) December 2017

Per capita real GMP 1-year rate change rank (December 2017- December 2016)

Per capita real GMP 3-year rate change rank (December 2017 - Dec 2014)

Per capita real GMP 5-year rate change rank (December 2017 - December 2012)

Manufacturing/goods-producing employment 1-year net change as % of population rank (December 2017 - December 2016)

Manufacturing/goods-producing employment 3-year net change as % of population rank (December 2017 -December 2014)

Manufacturing/goods-producing employment 5-year net change as % of population rank (December 2017-December 2012)

Employment growth net 1-year change as percentage of population rank (December 2017 - December 2016)

Employment growth net 3-year change as percentage of population rank (December 2017 -December 2014)

Employment growth net 5-year change as percentage of population rank (December 2017 -December 2012)

December 2017 local area unemployment rate rank

Local area unemployment rate 1-year change rank (December 2017-December 2016)

Local area unemployment rate 3-year change rank (December 2017-December 2014)

Local area unemployment rate 5-year change rank (December 2017-December 2012)

The study was comprehensive across the entire county.  For more, go to Area Development magazine’s website.

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