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JU Launches Virtual Building Program

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April 1, 2021--As part of the continuing efforts of Jonesboro Unlimited (JU) to attract new business and investment in Jonesboro, JU has launched a new Virtual Building Program. The program is a collaborative effort between JU and the Nabholz Corporation in which a virtual building is constructed and placed on one of the available sites in Jonesboro's Craighead Technology Park. The computer animation demonstrates what an industrial facility would look like, starting with a 100,000 SF building and expanding up to 400,000 SF. 

"It's a great tool for companies looking to invest in Jonesboro," said Mark Young, President, and CEO of Jonesboro Unlimited,. "We have great, shovel-ready sites with all the needed utilities. Combining those assets with a powerful visual element like this is another asset we have to market Jonesboro." 

“Having the technology to put a 3D concept of a project on one of Jonesboro Unlimited’s available sites is an invaluable tool. It not only helps the client visualize the finished project, but also helps to create a dialogue with potential clients so we better understand their goals and specifications. We want businesses to call Jonesboro home for many years, and that starts with a well thought-out and tailored facility,” said Greg Williams, President of Nabholz Corporation. 

You can watch the video by going to the Jonesboro Unlimited YouTube channel or on JU’s Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter pages. 

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Mark Young - President & CEO
Mark Young
President & CEO
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Steven Lamm
V.P. of Economic Development
Shelle Randall - Director of Workforce Development & Existing Industry
Shelle Randall
Director of Workforce Development & Existing Industry
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Donna Holt
Executive Assistant
Craig Rickert
Craig Rickert
Director of Communications