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Jonesboro, June 24, 2022--Our Get To Know Jonesboro event had its largest class on June 24th. We hosted summer interns from various Jonesboro companies for the second straight summer.

This year, Hytrol, Frito-Lay, and Waddell, Cole, and Jones sent us their best and brightest for a day of activities. The students came from as far away as Pennsylvania to spend their summer in Jonesboro.

Our goal was to ensure they knew as much as possible about Jonesboro before returning to campus in the fall. The program’s purpose is to give the interns a better feel for the community we hope they want to call home someday.

Christy Valentine, Manager for Academic Partnerships for Hytrol, says Get To Know Jonesboro is the perfect fit. “As part of the internship program, we love for the participants to enjoy everything Jonesboro offers. The group has fun and experiences the true sense of community and family that defines Jonesboro. We believe this helps convince them to pick Jonesboro when choosing a place to start their careers.”

The day included a bit of education and a lot of fun. The interns learned about Jonesboro’s history at the Crowley’s Ridge Nature Center. That stop included seeing a live feeding of the Nature Center’s alligator. The fun parts? Laser tag at Hijinx, packing boxes of canned goods at the Food Bank of Northeast Arkansas, coffee at Shadrachs, and lunch at Lost Pizza. Not a bad day.

“Jonesboro Unlimited and the Jonesboro Chamber of Commerce do an incredible job of making these students feel welcomed.” Valentine said, “We are grateful for their hard work and dedication.”

We can file it under “workforce development,” but it’s about creating a bond between the interns and our community. One we hope will leave a great impression on the interns as they get ready to begin their careers. With the memories made through Get To Know Jonesboro, and the incredible opportunities our city has to offer, we know Jonesboro will be on their shortlist when the time comes to enter the “real world.”

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