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Jonesboro, ARK—July 8, 2021—Spirit Fitness, a world leader in residential and commercial fitness equipment, is pleased to announce plans to expand the company’s operation in Jonesboro with the addition of a new facility in Jonesboro’s Craighead Technology Park.

“Spirit Fitness has been blessed to grow over our many years in Jonesboro,” said Tiger Chen, President of Spirit Fitness, “Adding new space to house our Technical Support Department and Warranty Parts Department will help Spirit hire additional people in Jonesboro and continue to serve our customers.”

Spirit’s new facility will occupy a 20-acre site on Barnhill Road, just south of Highway 18. Construction of a new 150,000 SF building will be the first of three phases of expansion for Spirit. Over the next five-to-ten years, Spirit plans two more phases of expansion that would push the size of the Barnhill Road facility to 450,000 SF.

“Spirit Fitness continues to invest in Jonesboro,” said Mark Young, President of Jonesboro Unlimited, “This addition marks the third time Spirit has added to its Jonesboro operation since they first came to Jonesboro.”

“We keep seeing great opportunities in Jonesboro,” Chen said, “When we were considering where we needed to expand and where we could find the right people to serve our growing customer base best, Jonesboro stood out.”

When complete, Spirit’s $10 million investment will create approximately 40-50 new jobs. The added jobs increase Jonesboro’s reputation as a focal point of distributing goods and services across the country.

“Our central location and efficient means of distribution make Jonesboro stand out no matter how you look at the numbers. Add in the quality of our workforce and the dedicated, hardworking people we have in Jonesboro, and you quickly learn companies don’t just give Jonesboro a try. They stay, and continue to invest,” said Harold Copenhaver, Mayor of Jonesboro.

By adding the new building on Barnhill Road, Spirit frees up space for storage and warehousing at Spirit’s current location on Nestlé Road.
Construction on the new facility began in August.  Spirit officials say construction should be complete in 8-9 months.

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