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Jonesboro Tops Mid-South In Skilled Jobs Growth

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Talent attraction.  A smooth way of saying “let’s bring in the best employees”.  The question facing many new and expanding companies is “where are they?”

Try Jonesboro, Arkansas.

The mid-south city is one of the highest ranked places in a seven-state area and number one across the mid-south in terms of growth of skilled jobs.  EMSI recently published its Talent Attraction Scorecard for 2017.  In mid-sized metro areas (100k-499k population) Jonesboro was the highest ranked city in the state of Arkansas and the 3rd highest in the seven surrounding states.

“Jonesboro has seen significant growth in our skilled workforce.  With impressive training resources and a great quality of life, we expect that growth to continue,” says Mark Young, President of Jonesboro Unlimited.

According to the report, Jonesboro had a 9.2% increase in skilled job growth from 2012-2016.  Only Lake Charles, Louisiana (18.0%) and Cookeville, TN (9.7%) had higher numbers to report in a seven-state area that includes Arkansas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas.  Jonesboro’s numbers for skilled job growth run nearly hand-in-hand in overall job growth where Jonesboro saw an increase of 8.6%, according to EMSI.


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Mark Young
President & CEO
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